Senin, 26 September 2016



HELLO MY FRIENDS, I want to tell you about FESBUD MEGANTARA, in this event, I became the decorating, before the event was started, I work all night and have to wake up early to prepare for the show. Its very tired, but I have to keep the spirit tha this event wnt smoothly. In the show was first greeted with a parade by school students and students of sman 3 bandung. Then after the show was officially opened, there is a reog that will enliven this event, all where applaude because there are reog. The afternoon, visitors are coming moreand more, they start eating food in megantara, like a NASI PADANG, SOSIS BAKAR, BATAGOR, SANGUAN, BASO, etc. the events is also enlivened by CANCUTERS, RAN, AND TST. Maybe that’s all I can tell you, thank you have come to megantara, good show is rewarding.


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