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Learning from Nature

Hasil gambar untuk NATURE

            What is Nature? Nature is the physical world and everything in it such as plants, animals, land, water, ocean, stars, that can’t be made by human (Wikipedia). Nature is god’s greatest gift for humans because without nature, you can’t survive in this world.
            The first thing that nature gave to us when we were born is air that we breath until now, the air that keep us alive until now. Then the sunshine that took an important role for our bones, the sunshine gave us the light and vitamins that we need to grow.
            The more we grow up, the more debt we have to nature. The more air and sunshine that we took. Then everytime we need to release worry, stress, or saddnes or even needed inspiration, we just need to take a look at the scenery of our natur and then inspiration and relieve will come.
            But the more we grow, the more our ego took control. Many of materialistic people gave up to their ego and started to destroy our nature for their own advantage. They killed animals for the furs and cut the woods for thousands of papers that will turn into bunch of money when they sold them.
            With the money they get, they started buying cars to show off their richness. They’ll buy factory to produce more product to make them even richer. But because of their ego, they didn’t realize what happen to others live, what happen to the society and most importantly what happen to the nature.
            The gas that caused by cars and factories are the dangerous gas that slowly destroyed our ozon.The more cars they use and factories they built, the more our ozon will detoryed. Then came a destruction called Global Warming. With global warming keep increasing these day, the more of the effect were shown.
            Like the ice in North and South Pole are slowly melting and maybe one day it’ll cover our land. Then where do we live if our land turn into an ocean or can we survive if that is the case? Can the next generation still enjoys this beautiful nature? There’s two kindsof answer based on our attitude towards nature.
            First one is that we may not be able to stop global warming but at least we can reduce and slowing the effect of it. How? Start with using public transportation or even better a bike rather than cars. Then reduce building more factories and use the land to grow trees. Finally, stop hurting the trees since they helped us produce oxygen and the place for animals to live.
            But, there is also another answer to that question. If those people with big ego can’t put aside their not-so-urgent needs, then our earth will only became worser and worser. Global warming will only be increased, poor people will suffered, and animals will lose their homes. The worst is next generation may not be able to live as free as us. They will need to buy oxygen just to be able to breath and no more sunshine to help their bones since the CO2 are covering our air.

            So basically, the future are in our hands now. The choice is up to us, to our generation. We must choose our actions, to protect and care or to ignore and destory. One action, whether it’s good or bad, it’ll be a huge decisions for the future. So, let’s choose the bad side or the good one?



1.      protect from harm or danger.
2.      an object that humankind place in the orbit of a planet to gather information or for communication.
3.      a mammal that have furs and in the same family as the tigers.
4.      a place burial for a dead body.
5.      each of the twenty-four hours periods, reckoned from one midnight to the next.
6.      an ind of the proper quality or extent.entation or recess in a range of hills or mountains.
7.      Of the proper quality of extent
8.      an omnivore domesticated hoofed mammal with sparse bristly hair and a flat snout for rooting in the soil.
9.      overcome and take control of something by force.
10.  an action of buying and selling goods.
11.  extending directly upwards from.
12.  a sex of human being.
13.  a person who is inexperience in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the ude of internet.
14.  a nocturnal bird of prey with large eyes, a facial disc, a hooked beak, and typically a loud hooting call.
15.  a limbless cold-blooded vertebrate animal with gills and fins living wholly in water.
16.  the relative extent of something


17.  shine in a bright but brief or sudden.
18.  grasp or seize suddenly and roughly.
19.  a unit of linear measure equal to 3 feet.
20.  very fine in texture or structure.
21.  something containing pr consisting of two matching or corresponding parts.
22.  a strong belief that something will happen or be the case.
23.  the male ruler of an state especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.
24.  the projecting arm of a crane.
25.  brush and clean the coat of an animal.
26.  a person who acts unwisely or imprudently.
27.  a words to express hesitation.


Dewa Athena 2017

           Dewa Athena is a sport events that is also one of annual event in SMA 3 Bandung. In this event, grade X and XI will be competing in athletics competitions such as basketball, soccer, badminton, volley ball, dodge ball, marathon, and other sports.
            Since I am a tenth graders, this event it start on 25th March and 1st April 2017, and the final game will be held on 8th April 2017. On the same day as the final, there’ll be another annual event that is called Paman Gober, an event where students from SMA 3 Bandung will be go cycling together.
            On the first day of Dewa Athena for the tenth graders, my class, X Science 9, compete in a marathon againts Acceleration Class. Unfortunetly, we lost againts them. Then the girls played soccer while some of the boys compete in badminton. Since the girls are bad at soccer, we lost but we still have fun. After the soccer game ended, we were told that they boys won the badminton match and we were so happy for our very first victory.
            The next one is boys’s dodgeball and girls’s badminton.The dodgeball match was super amazing. The boys played so well and they won easily. Then I played as the player for badminton with  my goodfriend,Desi. Both of us not a pro and during the game we laugh so much but in the end , we manage to give X Science 9 their third victory.
            At the end, our boys’s dodgeball and soccer team won their match and we went to the semifinals. Unfortunetly, the boys’s badminton lost their second match because on of our player, Haekal was injured.
            On the second day,the boys’s dodgeball start so early in the morning and there were only a few of our classmate that was already present that time. But seems whether they have a lot of supporters or not, the boys still played so good and won once again. The opposite from the boys, the girls in our class are not so good at sport so we lost almost every match in girls category except badminton where we went to the semifinals. While the girls are fighting in badminton so we can go to the final, the boys easily won in a dodgeball and basket match making them the finalist.
            This time, me and Desi played againts Najwa and Dita. They’re so powerful and skilled. Since we’re not really good at playing this sport and the fact that we’re againts someone much better than us, we lost the match but I am happy that my friends still stick with me and support me until the end.

            On the final day, the boys compete in a dodgeball and basketball final game where they lost in both. But that’s okay, they already make us proud. Also, in the final day, there’s a bazaar called Belitung Barat Market or BBM for short where some students sell foods and drinks. It’s an amazing experience.

Senin, 13 Februari 2017

Hair (2015)
Little Mix feat. Sean Paul
Get Weird Album

Hair is one of Little Mix's famous song that was released in 2015 and part of 'Get Weird' album. This song was nominated in Brit Award for British Video. Hair explained about a girl who have her heart broken because of a boy and she asked help from her friends.

For me, this song is motivate to all girls who have her heart broken or being dumped or broke up with their boyfriends to stand once more. Little Mix told us to forget about boys like that and even to delete his contact!

This song also told us, girls, to be confidence when you face that boy because he doesn't deserve you so thats why he left you. This is a perfect song for girls to show how strong she is to their exes.

Switch it up
Switch it up
Oh, whoa
Yeah-eh, yeah
Let's go

I call my girl (hey!)
'Cause I got a problem (what?)
Only a curl (mmmh)
Is gonna solve it
Then I don't really care,
Just get him out of my hair, yeah
Let's switch it up, get it off my shoulder
I've had enough, can't take it no longer
I'm over him I swear,
I'm like yeah

Gotta get him out my hair [4x]

'Cause he was just a dick and I knew it
Got me going mad sitting in this chair
Like I don't care
Gotta get him out my hair
I tried everything but it's useless
He pushed me so far. Now I'm on the edge
Make him disappear
Go get him out my hair

Okay, gotta bleach him out, peroxide on him
Hair on the floor like my memory of him
Now I feel brand new,
This chick is over you
We're going out, ain't got no worries
Drama now, now it just seems so funny
Put my hands up in the air,
I'm like yeah

Gotta get him out my hair [4x]

'Cause he was just a dick and I knew it
Got me going mad sitting in this chair
Like I don't care
Gotta get him out my hair
I tried everything but it's useless
He pushed me so far. Now I'm on the edge
Make him disappear
Go get him out my hair

Da-da-da-da-da da-da-da-da-da-da,
Switch it up, switch it up
Da-da-da-da-da da-da-da-da-da-da, oh
Da-da-da-da-da da-da-da-da-da-da,
Switch it up, switch it up
Da-da-da-da-da da-da-da-da-da-da, oh

Friend you need to get your phone, erase that number
Don't call him back 'cause he don't deserve that
And when you see him in the club
Just flip your hair, don't show him any love
'Cause you've had enough

'Cause he was just a dick and I knew it
Got me going mad sitting in this chair
Like I don't care
Gotta get him out my hair
I tried everything but it's useless
He pushed me so far. Now I'm on the edge
Make him disappear
Go get him out my hair

Go get him out my hair
He's in my hair
Gonna get him out
Gonna get him out
(Got to get him out my hair)

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            I went to Bromo with my family. Exactly, it’s on  3 of january 2017 .Bromo is located at Probolinggo, East Java. Bromo is one of fire mountain in Java Island.
            Me and my family went to Bandung Railway Station at 2 pm from home. We went there by a taxi. We arrived about 3 pm. The train which took me to Malang left at 4 pm. We arrived at Malang Railway Station the next day about 8 am, so the journey spent time about 16 hours! So exhausted! At the station, me and my family were picked up by travel which took us to our destination, that was National Park Bromo’s Mountain.
            About 2 pm at last, we arrived at hotel in Bromo area. The air was so cold. After I came upon the resepsionist, we went to our room immediately. The floor was so cold when my foot step in. Luckily the staff hotel had already prepared the sandals. Afterwards, we had a rest and slept for a moment.In the afternoon, we came out to see the view around Bromo’s mountain. After one hours, the fog began to appear and we went back to our room.
            After had a good sleep, the next day in the morning at 2 am, we got ready for a trip to peak of Bromo to see the sunrise. We went there by a jeep car. Apparently, the other people also had a same destination. On the trip to the peak, we couldn’t see the view because of the darkness and the cold air. After we reached the peak, we walked up the stairs. Because of the coldness, we didn’t feel tired and finally arrived at the peak. I was very shocked! Because there were a lot of people had waiting to see the sunrise. From this place, we could see the peak of Semeru’s mountain. The place was very crowded. Me and my family couldn’t go ahead and found a chair. So we waited for the sunrise. But after several minutes, the sunrise didn’t appear. The sunrise didn’t come up because of the cloud, so we couldn’t see it clearly. That was almost 5 o’clock, so we decided to came back to the jeep
              Yah, I was dissapointed and I saw the people felt the same too. Finally we went down. When we were in the jeep on the trip to back, the fog disappeared and the sun began rise. It was so beautiful! From the top, I could see the view of Bromo and Semeru mountain. Subhanallah..

That’s my unforgettable moment!

Senin, 07 November 2016


Rowan Atkinson Biography

ActorComedian (1955–)


English actor, comedian and screenwriter Rowan Atkinson was born on January 6, 1955. In 1979, Atkinson wrote for and starred in the BBC's Not the Nine O'clock News. His later landed a role on the television series Blackadder and subsequent spin-off TV specials. In 1990, he starred as his originally developed character Mr. Bean on the televison series of the same name. Mr. Bean was adapted for film in 1997, and received wide success.


Comic actor and writer Rowan Sebastian Atkinson was born on January 6, 1955, in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England. Rowan Atkinson is most famous for his roles in classic sitcoms, including Blackadder and Mr. Bean.
Atkinson studied at Newcastle University and Oxford University, and earned a master's degree in electrical engineering. He got his start performing sketches while studying at Oxford, first appearing in Oxford revues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Soon, he was entertaining at several theater clubs and on comedy shows for BBC Radio 3. In 1979, Atkinson wrote for and starred in the BBC's Not the Nine O'clock News. In 1981, Atkinson became the youngest performer to have had a one-man show in the West End.
Atkinson later appeared in theatrical productions like The Nerd (1984), The New Revue (1986) and The Sneeze(1988). He then landed parts on such television shows as Not the Nine O'Clock News(1979-82), Blackadder (1983-89) The Thin Blue Line (1995-96) and Mr. Bean (1990-95). The success of Blackadderspurred the creation of the TV specials Blackadder's Christmas Carol and Blackadder: The Cavalier Years—both of which aired in 1988.
In 1990, Atkinson starred as his originally developed character Mr. Bean on the TV series of the same name. The successful comedy series was adapted for film in 1997. Atkinson reprised his famous Mr. Bean character in a comedy sketch at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.
Atkinson's other film credits include Bean: the Ultimate Disaster Movie (1997), Johnny English (2003) and Keeping Mum (2005).

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to all students of SMAN 3 BANDUNG.
Our school will have some competition to celebrate indonesian's independence day.
the competition will be held on :
  • Day     :  Saturday
  • Date    :  27 August 2016
  • Time   :  10.00 AM - 02.00 PM
  • Place   :  SMAN 3 BANDUNG 

The first winner will gate the money.
for more informations please contact me,Qinthari Rizky Ayu, 10 MIPA 9.
Dont forget to come, thank you.