Senin, 26 September 2016

my unforgetable momment

hello my friends, im back, i want to tell you about my unforgetable momment, This is my momment when  I was still children.

in short story, once when i was 9 years old, I was quite happy to playing with my friends in outside the house. sometimes my mom angry because when i was comeback to home, I was ina dirty and smell. On Saturday, I want to enjoy in my weekend, i want to play all day, but my mom told me to sleep. I am very sadd, i forced to play with my friends. When I ran away from my home, when my mom sleeping. when i searched for the keys out of the house and no fence, so i tried to escape through a gap a fence. when i pass through a gap a fence my head is stuck and I can't get out. I tried to shout 'HELP ME  HELP ME, HELP ME PLEASE MY MOTHER, MY SISTER HELPPPP MEEEE!!'. And no one listened. 2 hours later, my neightbor listen my shouted. From the momment, no more against parents. sorry mom.

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