Senin, 15 Agustus 2016


           HELLO, I would like to introduce my self,.My name is Qinthari Rizky Ayu, I was born in Bandung, on March 20. I'm student of SMAN 3 BANDUNG, My family and I live at Gumuruh street number 131b, Bandung. My religion is Moslem and My hobby is singing, drawing, sleeping,and Make up. My favourite song is Dia-Anji. I like this song because a good lyrics. okay now about me and my family, I am one of the two sisters, I have a sister and she is in Junior High School. My father is a police man named Sabto Dwi Murwantoro. While my mother is a plain housewife, my mother name is Suci Sumilasih. I love my family more than anything.


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