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Dea-dea Island, various types of wild cats live here!
An unique uninhabited island actually grabs the cat, they have been on the island since a very long time. Since the last decades of life different types of cats are gorgeous - amounted to hundreds of cats continue to breed naturally.
An island in Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi, Indonesia became one of the attractions that awaken your sense of adventure. It is not difficult to reach the island for a short trip, 15 minutes from the pier Belang-belang Crossing in Tonyamang Village, Polewali Mandar used boats crossing between islands or familiarly called the local residents as the Water Taxi.
Can you imagine these cats live freely, not maintained exclusively by animal lovers or local government, these beautiful cats continue to grow and multiply.
When you arrive in this cat island, or the Dea-dea Island, the atmosphere is beautiful, clean shoreline around the island makes the cat feel at home and live breed in this location. Anyone who visited would have liked to stay for long in this island if only mingle with wild cats.
Although these cats look pretty, but the locals are strongly advised not to touch wild animals this is for security reasons and quite visible from a distance.
If you like adventure into the region, some of the other place worth a visit, such as the island of Battoa is overgrown lush mangrove forest complete with a culinary tour provided by the fishermen.
There is another island, Karamasang and Gusung Toraja with a sloping white sandy beach while watching the sunset or multiple locations unique cultural heritage sites. Interesting!



1. How many cats can live here?
    a) the island state is not clean
    b) Many are deliberately throwing the cat to the islands
    c) There are many pet shop in here
    d) state of the island clean and stable temperature
    e) many cats that fall from the sky

2.Why the locals are strongly advised not to touch the cats?
    a) illegitimate
    b) for reasons of health and safety
    c) because the cats crying
    d) because government regulations
    e) to be safe

3. why the dea dea island called the unique island?
    a) because a beautiful island
    b) because it has the sea
    c) because the many kinds of the cats 
    d) its not uninhabited island
    e) because many visitors

4. What is a Water Taxi?
    a) the name of the taxi
    b) the name of the new vehicle
    c) the water carriage
    d) Vehicles made by the government
    e) Vehicles in Dea dea island 
5.If you like adventure into the region,some of the other place worth a visit, what are they?
    a) danau toba
    b) tangkuban perahu \
    c) kawah putih
    d) karamasang
    e) Battoa island, Karamasang, and Gusung Toraja 

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