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Learning from Nature

Hasil gambar untuk NATURE

            What is Nature? Nature is the physical world and everything in it such as plants, animals, land, water, ocean, stars, that can’t be made by human (Wikipedia). Nature is god’s greatest gift for humans because without nature, you can’t survive in this world.
            The first thing that nature gave to us when we were born is air that we breath until now, the air that keep us alive until now. Then the sunshine that took an important role for our bones, the sunshine gave us the light and vitamins that we need to grow.
            The more we grow up, the more debt we have to nature. The more air and sunshine that we took. Then everytime we need to release worry, stress, or saddnes or even needed inspiration, we just need to take a look at the scenery of our natur and then inspiration and relieve will come.
            But the more we grow, the more our ego took control. Many of materialistic people gave up to their ego and started to destroy our nature for their own advantage. They killed animals for the furs and cut the woods for thousands of papers that will turn into bunch of money when they sold them.
            With the money they get, they started buying cars to show off their richness. They’ll buy factory to produce more product to make them even richer. But because of their ego, they didn’t realize what happen to others live, what happen to the society and most importantly what happen to the nature.
            The gas that caused by cars and factories are the dangerous gas that slowly destroyed our ozon.The more cars they use and factories they built, the more our ozon will detoryed. Then came a destruction called Global Warming. With global warming keep increasing these day, the more of the effect were shown.
            Like the ice in North and South Pole are slowly melting and maybe one day it’ll cover our land. Then where do we live if our land turn into an ocean or can we survive if that is the case? Can the next generation still enjoys this beautiful nature? There’s two kindsof answer based on our attitude towards nature.
            First one is that we may not be able to stop global warming but at least we can reduce and slowing the effect of it. How? Start with using public transportation or even better a bike rather than cars. Then reduce building more factories and use the land to grow trees. Finally, stop hurting the trees since they helped us produce oxygen and the place for animals to live.
            But, there is also another answer to that question. If those people with big ego can’t put aside their not-so-urgent needs, then our earth will only became worser and worser. Global warming will only be increased, poor people will suffered, and animals will lose their homes. The worst is next generation may not be able to live as free as us. They will need to buy oxygen just to be able to breath and no more sunshine to help their bones since the CO2 are covering our air.

            So basically, the future are in our hands now. The choice is up to us, to our generation. We must choose our actions, to protect and care or to ignore and destory. One action, whether it’s good or bad, it’ll be a huge decisions for the future. So, let’s choose the bad side or the good one?

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