Senin, 16 Januari 2017



            I went to Bromo with my family. Exactly, it’s on  3 of january 2017 .Bromo is located at Probolinggo, East Java. Bromo is one of fire mountain in Java Island.
            Me and my family went to Bandung Railway Station at 2 pm from home. We went there by a taxi. We arrived about 3 pm. The train which took me to Malang left at 4 pm. We arrived at Malang Railway Station the next day about 8 am, so the journey spent time about 16 hours! So exhausted! At the station, me and my family were picked up by travel which took us to our destination, that was National Park Bromo’s Mountain.
            About 2 pm at last, we arrived at hotel in Bromo area. The air was so cold. After I came upon the resepsionist, we went to our room immediately. The floor was so cold when my foot step in. Luckily the staff hotel had already prepared the sandals. Afterwards, we had a rest and slept for a moment.In the afternoon, we came out to see the view around Bromo’s mountain. After one hours, the fog began to appear and we went back to our room.
            After had a good sleep, the next day in the morning at 2 am, we got ready for a trip to peak of Bromo to see the sunrise. We went there by a jeep car. Apparently, the other people also had a same destination. On the trip to the peak, we couldn’t see the view because of the darkness and the cold air. After we reached the peak, we walked up the stairs. Because of the coldness, we didn’t feel tired and finally arrived at the peak. I was very shocked! Because there were a lot of people had waiting to see the sunrise. From this place, we could see the peak of Semeru’s mountain. The place was very crowded. Me and my family couldn’t go ahead and found a chair. So we waited for the sunrise. But after several minutes, the sunrise didn’t appear. The sunrise didn’t come up because of the cloud, so we couldn’t see it clearly. That was almost 5 o’clock, so we decided to came back to the jeep
              Yah, I was dissapointed and I saw the people felt the same too. Finally we went down. When we were in the jeep on the trip to back, the fog disappeared and the sun began rise. It was so beautiful! From the top, I could see the view of Bromo and Semeru mountain. Subhanallah..

That’s my unforgettable moment!

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