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Dewa Athena 2017

           Dewa Athena is a sport events that is also one of annual event in SMA 3 Bandung. In this event, grade X and XI will be competing in athletics competitions such as basketball, soccer, badminton, volley ball, dodge ball, marathon, and other sports.
            Since I am a tenth graders, this event it start on 25th March and 1st April 2017, and the final game will be held on 8th April 2017. On the same day as the final, there’ll be another annual event that is called Paman Gober, an event where students from SMA 3 Bandung will be go cycling together.
            On the first day of Dewa Athena for the tenth graders, my class, X Science 9, compete in a marathon againts Acceleration Class. Unfortunetly, we lost againts them. Then the girls played soccer while some of the boys compete in badminton. Since the girls are bad at soccer, we lost but we still have fun. After the soccer game ended, we were told that they boys won the badminton match and we were so happy for our very first victory.
            The next one is boys’s dodgeball and girls’s badminton.The dodgeball match was super amazing. The boys played so well and they won easily. Then I played as the player for badminton with  my goodfriend,Desi. Both of us not a pro and during the game we laugh so much but in the end , we manage to give X Science 9 their third victory.
            At the end, our boys’s dodgeball and soccer team won their match and we went to the semifinals. Unfortunetly, the boys’s badminton lost their second match because on of our player, Haekal was injured.
            On the second day,the boys’s dodgeball start so early in the morning and there were only a few of our classmate that was already present that time. But seems whether they have a lot of supporters or not, the boys still played so good and won once again. The opposite from the boys, the girls in our class are not so good at sport so we lost almost every match in girls category except badminton where we went to the semifinals. While the girls are fighting in badminton so we can go to the final, the boys easily won in a dodgeball and basket match making them the finalist.
            This time, me and Desi played againts Najwa and Dita. They’re so powerful and skilled. Since we’re not really good at playing this sport and the fact that we’re againts someone much better than us, we lost the match but I am happy that my friends still stick with me and support me until the end.

            On the final day, the boys compete in a dodgeball and basketball final game where they lost in both. But that’s okay, they already make us proud. Also, in the final day, there’s a bazaar called Belitung Barat Market or BBM for short where some students sell foods and drinks. It’s an amazing experience.

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